Just like the rest of us, plants are happiest when they’re well fed! To keep your plants happy, healthy, and growing all season, it’s important you fertilize them on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about our fertilizing recommendations for each plant and flower.

Schwartz Greenhouse & Garden Center fertilizers

  • Full Line of Water Soluble Fertilizers
    • Miracle Grow
      • All Purpose
      • Bloom Booster
    • Scotts – Jacks Classic
      • All Purpose
      • Bloom Booster
      • Petunia Feed
      • Hydrangea Blue
  • Slow Release Pelletized Fertilizer
    • Osmocote
    • Natural Alternative All Purpose Slow Release plant food
    • Miracle Grow Shake and Feed
NOTE:  Inventory fluctuates and we cannot guarantee all items shown will be available at all times.