Mum Fundraisers Can Back You Up When Money Is Tight

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Mum Fundraisers Can Back You Up When Money Is Tight

Are you looking for a great way to raise funds and generate extra support for a group? There’s no better way than by selling plants and flowers! Fundraisers for chrysanthemums are one of the most profitable things you can participate in. You get to enjoy the beautiful blooms of the flowers and the satisfaction of supporting a good cause when you buy them. Here are a few reasons why a mum fundraiser can work in your favor.

High Profitability

Since chrysanthemums are in peak bloom during autumn, they are plentiful and readily available. This means you can profit well if you have the right supplier offering discounted rates. Moreover, according to Gilmour, chrysanthemums last longer than other flowers, so gardeners are eager to have them in their homes for decorative purposes. Despite being perennials, they can bloom for up to eight weeks!

Beautiful Aesthetics

Parking lots filled with vibrant chrysanthemums in bloom, public events overflowing with them, and the lively smell of these flowers make for a display that will attract the attention of many passers-by. According to Rootwell, the flowers need at least three hours of direct sunlight minimum. They typically thrive in the sun and require just that amount of time to bloom. Furthermore, according to Schwartz’s Greenhouse, they come in over 90 different varieties and colors, giving buyers a wider selection to choose from. A mum fundraiser during the autumn is a great way to add to this beautiful display and generate extra funds for your group.

Easy Fundraising

Chrysanthemums are an easy fundraiser because they are a staple that people love in the fall. People buy them for their gorgeous scent and array of colors and find it easier to select complimentary products to decorate their front yards without hassle. Using a mum fundraiser eliminates the complications of dealing with multiple suppliers for your distribution, making the entire process more enjoyable.

In a nutshell, the mum fundraiser is a better fundraising alternative due to its attractive power, high profitability, and ease of fundraising. Contact Schwartz’s Greenhouse today to place your order as you prepare to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful blooms while supporting a higher cause.