Tips to Revive Neglected or Sick Garden Plants

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May 26, 2021
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Tips to Revive Neglected or Sick Garden Plants

Having a green thumb is something to boast about, and it’s always a nice feeling to see your garden plants flourish. But garden plants also get sick or start dying if they’re neglected and that can be a major downer. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this, so check out the top tips to revive neglected or sick garden plants below.

Prune and Trim Your Plants

Neglected and sick plants may have damaged roots. If so, it’s best to prune your garden plants. Cutting back the leaves promotes fresh growth, and it means the roots won’t have to work as hard, since there’s less foliage. Also, once a plant’s leaves become dry, shriveled, or mottled, they won’t ever go back to being healthy green leaves. The only way forward is to encourage new growth.

Move Your Plants

Plants need adequate light to photosynthesize and thrive. Without the sun or light, the plant is prone to drowning since the soil doesn’t really dry out properly. However, excessive light can also be a problem, since leaves can quickly dry out. If you’re having any of these issues, first find out the type of environment preferred by each plant. Next, choose the best location with perfect light conditions based on your research.

Add Nutrients to the Soil

If your plants need some fertilizer, you can add an appropriate fertilizer. Don’t add too much because this can be overwhelming for garden plants. Be sure to follow directions and understand that fertilizer isn’t a magic cure. Generally, it’s best to apply fertilizer after watering when the soil is still moist.

Water Your Plants

When the soil is left to dry out, plants can quickly become dehydrated, causing the leaves to dry out. However, while it’s good to regularly water your plants, you must also avoid flooding the soil as this can lead to root rot and mold. For instance, tomatoes, which are the most popular homegrown vegetable, don’t really fare well when overwatered.

Pull Out Weeds

Weed control is very important when it comes to bringing your plants back to life. Popular weed control methods include weed pulling, using herbicides, solarization, and adding a layer of mulch to the soil.

Get Rid of Pests

Neglected plants are often an easy target for pests such as aphids and other small insects. This can cause the plant to become sick and die. To get rid of pests, make sure you’re cultivating your garden the right way. You may want to apply an insecticide or other remedies that are effective against pests.

These tips will go a long way towards restoring the health of your plants. But remember to take baby steps and be patient. It will take some time before your garden starts thriving again!


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