Why Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraisers Are Great for Generating Funds for Your Group

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Why Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraisers Are Great for Generating Funds for Your Group

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Why Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraisers Are Great for Generating Funds for Your Group

Is your group looking for a fundraiser that doesn’t require a lot of work? Why not check out the Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraisers? You will get plants from our quality-driven garden center and require no extra cost or work.

No Hard Work Required

Poinsettias are a favorite Christmas plant. On average, about 45 million of them are sold each year during the Christmas season. Because of how beautiful they are, these plants are very easy to sell, especially if you are selling them to someone who is already looking for them. That is one of the best ways to raise money for your group while you support a local garden center.

You can look for a local garden center that will supply your organization with selected florist quality, colorful poinsettias. You can either get them in red, white, pink, or red glitter. To make it easy for you to sell, you can get the same size of poinsettias. The advantage of buying from a local garden center is that you will be able to select the size you want, unlike the six-inch plants that are bought from retail store outlets. Apart from that, you won’t need to do anything but sell.

Your Organization Can Take Orders in Advance

If you want to get your orders on time and avoid disappointments, you must order your flowers sometime around the end of October. Members of your organization can also start taking orders in advance then notify the garden center of how many of each color you need. It is also necessary to tell them when you would want to pick the flowers up. Because you can take orders in advance, you can already make an educated guess about how much money you will likely get from the fundraiser.

High-Quality Plants that are Easy to Sell

The practice of farming Poinsettias has been refined over time. In fact, 80% of American households have them in their homes during the Christmas season. Therefore, if your organization is getting them from a professional garden center, you can be assured that you are getting high-quality plants that will be easy for you to sell. Apart from that, you will be selling to an already established market. All you need is to ensure that you find ways to effectively market and get the attention of as many buyers as possible.

If you wish to run a Poinsettia and Wreath fundraiser, you can get in touch with us. We feel poinsettias are a very profitable option for your organization, and we will work with you every step of the way until your goals are realized. Get in touch to make your orders today.


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