Plant Care Information


We know how much TLC it takes to keep your plants healthy and happy.  To help you to keep your plants flourishing, we have provided a list of care tips below.

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Perennials come back each year.

Planting should take place when we are free of frost, and the ground has warmed.

While the choices for shade loving plants are limited, all plants need some sun. Impatiens (annuals) are most tolerant of shade, while Begonias (annuals) will also do well in the shade. Hostas (Perennial) will also do well in the shade.

Most containers require daily watering when the weather is warm both day and night. Even when it rains you need to check the soil in the planter because the plant is confined to a container and the rain can’t moisten the soil like it can in the ground.

Once a month with a balanced fertilizer is all a New Guinea Impatiens would need. Don’t over fertilize, you will only get lush green foliage and no color.

Keeping you plants free of debris and dead flowers will always keep them flourishing with vibrant new color.

Annuals will flower all summer long giving you a beautiful array of color.

We are open seasonally.

Easter is the week before, and this is a great time to get bulbs such as tulips etc.

Spring is May thru June.

Fall we have Mums and that leads into November and December with fresh evergreen wreaths and Poinsettias for the holidays.

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