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Schwartz’s Greenhouse is your destination garden center!

Our commitment is to help you release your inner gardener/landscaper by providing quality plants and knowledgeable staff. Our plants are monitored daily by our professional team to provide excellent value from our greenhouse to your home. We strive to provide you with a positive shopping experience.

At Schwartz’s Greenhouse, we offer the highest-quality plants, garden supplies, and tools, to ensure that your planting needs are fully covered. Each product is put through rigorous tests so that it can conform to our high standards.


Elevate your garden with bursts of vibrant color! Explore our online store today to discover a delightful array of plants that will make your garden pop. With easy and convenient curbside pickup, beautifying your outdoor space has never been simpler.

Add a touch of elegance with impatiens, known for their striking blooms in various shades. Create lush greenery with Boston ferns, perfect for adding texture and depth to any garden. Spice up your culinary adventures with peppers and tomatoes, fresh from your own backyard. For a touch of whimsy, consider ornamental grasses that sway gracefully in the breeze.

And don’t forget to stock up on fresh herbs, adding flavor and fragrance to your favorite dishes all season long. Shop now and let your garden come alive with color and vitality!


Visit our GROWING TIPS and learn ways to grow your garden better, bigger, and have a greener thumb!  Watering too much?  We have tips!  Not watering enough?  We have tips for that too!  Visit often, learn more, and if you need to talk to a pro, please stop by and visit!

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