Schwartz’s Greenhouse has the perfect way for your non-profit organization to enhance its fundraising goals for the Holiday Season.

The Holiday Gift Card program is available from November 1st to December 10th. These Holiday Gift Cards can be used to put the finishing touches on their holiday decorating needs or use in the spring to enhance their yards.

The holiday gift cards are a one-time use, so the customer is required to use the whole amount at the time of purchase (as stated on the card)


  • Fill out the fundraiser sign-up form and email, fax, or drop it off at Schwartz’s Greenhouse.
  • Start selling! Begin taking orders for the gift cards and collect the money for the face value of $25.00
  • Turn in your order to us with the date you would like to pick up the cards.

For every card you sell, your organization earns $5.00. (Cost to the organization is $20.00)

Gift cards are practical, and by shopping at Schwartz’s Greenhouse, you have a large selection of products to choose from. We are looking forward to working with your organization!

Schwartz Greenhouse & Garden Center holiday fundraiser flowers


  • Mini Poinsettia (1 Plant, 3 – 5 blooms)
  • Single Poinsettia (1 Plant, 5 – 7 blooms)
  • Double Poinsettia (2 Plants, 8 – 14 blooms)
  • Large Poinsettia (3 or 4 Plants, 12 – 20 blooms)