Mum Fundraiser Information

Schwartz Greenhouse & Garden Center mumAre you looking for a successful Fall Fundraiser for your group or organization? We offer a new and improved Mum Fundraiser that has been used by many groups year over year to help generate funds for their organization. Below is a synopsis of how the program works. If you are interested in gaining pricing and full details of the program please call Chris Schwartz at 734-558-3409 or email us at for more information.


  • New pricing for the year comes out July1st. Your group is free to start selling any time after the new pricing comes out.
  • Delivery or pickup of the mums is available between the dates of September 8th and October 10th
    • We recommend contacting us ASAP to lock in your delivery date as those do book up quickly and should be the first step for your organization.
  • The cutoff for having your group’s orders to us is September 21st. If your delivery date is before September 25th we require your orders to us at least 5 days prior to delivery or pickup for processing. (This can be confusing so reread carefully and if you need further clarification contact Chris Schwartz)
  • We offer free delivery of your mums if they are taken between the hours of 8-3 Monday – Friday and you need to have a 100 mum minimum for free delivery. If it is outside of those hours or under the minimum a $100 dollar delivery fee will be assessed for delivery, but you can still pickup your order for free from our retail store and we will have your order pulled when you arrive and will help you load as well.
  • Colors offered for your group to sell are Yellow, Orange, Purple/Pink, or Red. We offer them in 9” pots and 10” Baskets. Call or Email for pricing.
    • Please note: We do not guarantee Purple and Pink because depending on the shade color of mum you may get one or the other. You will get all the same color no matter which one you get.

To get your group signed up please contact Chris Schwartz via cell phone 734-558-3409 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to making this a successful fundraiser for your group!!!

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Chris Schwartz
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