3 Factors to Consider When You Plant Flowers

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February 20, 2023
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3 Factors to Consider When You Plant Flowers

When you are beginning to plant flowers, there are factors to consider that will ensure the success of your garden. Three factors explained below include the appropriate soil type, proper sun exposure, and the pest attraction of the flowers. By reviewing these three factors, you can be confident that you have the needed resources to care for the flowers accurately. Read below to get a more in-depth description of the importance of each consideration!

1. Appropriate Soil Type

Having the appropriate soil type in your garden will benefit plant growth. For example, some flowers may require acidic or alkaline soil to grow well. The nutrients that need to be in the soil will vary as well. To ensure that you are planting your flowers in the proper environment, you can perform a soil test, which you can buy at your local nursery. A soil test will give you results on the contents of your soil. After you receive these results, you can either alter your soil according to your desired flowers or plan to plant different flowers that will thrive in that specific soil type.

2. Proper Sun Exposure

The proper amount of sun exposure depends on the type of flowers that you are planting. Research your flower type or contact a local nursery to get your questions answered! For some flowers, excessive amounts of sunlight are vital for their success. An example is Mums, which require a minimum of three hours of direct sunlight to thrive. With other flower types, areas with a large amount of shade are best- like Bellflowers! This flower type flourishes in areas with lots of shade.

3. Amount of Pest Attraction

When you plant flowers, consider what type of pests the flowers will attract. Common pests that are attracted to flowers include ants, beetles, caterpillars, and moths. If you do not know of these possible attractions before beginning your garden journey, you may run into the issue of a garden infestation! An infestation of pests will wreak havoc on all of your flowers and might result in a total uprooting of your hard work.

When you plant flowers, the factors to consider are many that have vital importance to the success of your garden. Do not let your hard work go to waste by being unprepared. Take proper steps beforehand by analyzing your surroundings and your flower’s requirements to thrive. Contact Schwartz Greenhouse for plant and landscaping assistance!