5 Must-Have Perennials Spring 2022

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May 19, 2022
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5 Must-Have Perennials Spring 2022

Close up macro of a purple flower. Shallow depth of field.

Perennials are a popular choice amongst gardeners because of their unique quality. They “die” down to the ground in winter and grow again in spring. Apart from this, cultivating these plants that re-seed on their own is considered more rewarding. Statistics show that 53% of people consider gardening a productive use of their time.

If you have been looking for ways to make your garden more colorful, perennials are the sure way to achieve that! So, whether you are just starting a garden or looking to make your garden more interesting this spring, here are five must-have perennials that will add beauty and color to your garden!

Hostas (Francee): This is a popular flower known mostly for its deep green, arching leaves. The leaves typically grow to be between six and eight inches long, and they remain bright green throughout fall. It even boasts lavender flowers during the summer! This is a great option for those who want variety in their garden or home.

Day Lilies (Stella De Oro): These lilies are easy to care for a come in vibrant yellow color. They can grow to stand between 10 and 12 inches and have arching grass-like leaves that grow out of the stem. These are perfect to plant along the path to your front door.

Rozanne Geranium: Sporting blue-purple flowers set against dark bronze leaves, this geranium is a great option to consider adding to your garden. It is easy to maintain and can easily be kept as a potted plant or border plant to contrast with other plants with green foliage in your garden. They bloom in early to late summer and can grow as tall as 26 inches! It can be pruned after it has bloomed to nudge new growth.

Lupine (Gallery Mix): This flower is great for those who love a variety of colors. The seeds produce pink, yellow, white, red, and deep blue flowers that are great for your garden or front lawn. This is the right choice for a gardener who loves the rainbow!

Viola (Etain): If you like an elegant, dainty flower, this is the right choice for your garden. The petals are a pale yellow and edged with a deep lavender. These bloom in late spring and early summer, and are sure to attract attention to your garden.

When you want to grow your garden, these are some great options. Reach out today to hear more about perennials and our gardening supplies!