5 Popular Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

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May 20, 2021
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5 Popular Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Growing vegetables in your garden is always a worthwhile endeavor. It can be exciting to see your vegetables thrive and to look forward to harvesting them. As a matter of fact, this feeling of accomplishment is matched by 53 percent of people who say gardening makes them feel more productive. So if your green fingers are itching for some action, here’s some handy information about the five popular vegetables to grow in your garden.


Your gardening experience isn’t really complete without adding tomatoes to the list. Homegrown tomatoes can really improve the tastiness of your recipes, so by the time the warm season rolls around, be sure to have your seeds germinated and ready to go. Keep in mind that tomatoes prefer sunny environments, so avoid exposing them to frost. They also prefer slightly acidic soils that drain well. One last thing: Ensure that your tomato plants are well spaced out when positioning them in rows during the planting process.


While peppers are a popular addition to many dishes, the seeds can be tricky to grow. However, you can make life easier by buying young pepper plants, instead. Pepper plants thrive well in warmer seasons, so it’s best to wait until the frost season is over before moving them into your garden. You should leave enough space between plants so there’s enough room for growth. Also, bear in mind that pepper plants prefer sandy loam. This soil type is well-known for its good drainage.


Cucumbers are classified as tropical plants and they, therefore, perform well in warm and wet environments. Make sure your plants are getting plenty of sunlight and the soil is at least neutral or slightly acidic. It’s best to plant the seeds in rows, leaving adequate space between them.


There are many varieties of summer squashes to choose from, including yellow squashes, zucchini, and crooknecks. These plants can deliver a generous harvest and some plants are known to produce several squashes per day. Again, squash plants prefer the sun and rich soils with good drainage.


Lettuce is a favorite fresh and crispy leafy green that’s easy to grow. The good news is, there are many varieties to choose from, including loose-leaf, butterhead, Romaine, and crisphead. These usually grow well in a sunny environment and in loose soil with good drainage. Lettuce can mature within 45 days or up to 85 days depending on the variety.


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