5 Reasons You Should Choose Annual Flowers

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February 22, 2023
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February 26, 2023

5 Reasons You Should Choose Annual Flowers

Natural floral background of numerous purple pansy flowers with white centers.

With more than 42% of gardeners claiming that gardening makes them feel happier and healthier, according to House Beautiful, this might be the perfect new hobby for you. With this said, you should consider which flowers to put in your garden. We’re here to tell you that annual flowers are the perfect addition! Below we list five reasons you should choose annuals. Check out these excellent reasons and get in touch with your local greenhouse to have your flower beds looking stunning.

1. Annuals Bloom Quickly

Due to annuals only lasting one year, their early stages of life will happen rapidly, resulting in a quicker bloom. With the growing cycle of annuals considered, you’ll likely be the first to have vibrant and flourishing gardens in the spring. Once bloomed, you can also expect annuals to last longer because they’re known to grow all season.

2. Annuals Can Reseed Themselves

While annuals are known to last only one year, some species can reseed themselves, which results in less work for you in the upcoming gardening season. Examples of annuals that are prone to reseed are marigolds, borage, larkspur, and verbena. If you’re planting annuals this year, research which reseeding species will thrive in your climate and invest in these options. After planting, you’ll have a beautiful, self-growing garden next year.

3. Annuals Make Beautiful Bouquets

Annual flowers can be an easy opportunity to have beautiful bouquets throughout the year. The species that are considered best for bouquets are known as cut flowers. Examples of annual cut flowers include zinnias, snapdragons, amaranth, and calendula. After planting these annuals in your garden, you’ll have beautiful, fresh, and aromatic flowers to keep around the house.

4. Annuals Require Little Maintenance

Unlike perennial flowers which require lots of maintenance to thrive year after year, annuals are less apt to need extensive care throughout the growing season. The typical maintenance is occasional watering, with no strict schedules to keep the annuals alive and flourishing. This factor can be convenient if you are prone to travel in the warmer months of the year.

5. Annuals Enhance Aesthetics

Annuals are just the ticket if you want flower species that bring intricate textures and vibrant colors. The visual options of annuals are endless. These flower options can instantly enhance the aesthetics of your landscape and create beautiful outdoor scenery.

Begin researching which annual flowers will thrive in your climate and implement these options into your home garden for an instant upgrade! Check out our gorgeous selection of plants at Schwartz Greenhouse today to turn your yard into a colorful oasis.