5 Ways Gardening Can Help Your Mental Health

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5 Ways Gardening Can Help Your Mental Health

Flowers for gardening can do more than just improve your outdoor spaces; they can improve your mental health. Gardening comes with many benefits: it beautifies your outdoor spaces, helps the wildlife, and makes you feel better about life. Here are five ways working in your garden can improve your mental health.

1. Gardening Is Calming

According to PsychNet, 50% of people surveyed reported feeling calmer after gardening. Keeping your hands busy and your mind on the beautiful flowers can be very calming. Gardening is a task-oriented activity. As you complete one task and move on to the next, you can feel the calm washing over you.

2. Gardening Is Exercise

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, and gardening is exercise. All that raking, hoeing, and digging is a workout. Even if you are seated while gardening, you’re still moving muscles, burning calories, and getting rid of stress. Being outdoors is a great way to reduce stress as well. A change of scene and enjoying nature is relaxing.

3. It Is Satisfying

Most gardeners agree there is nothing more satisfying than watching a garden bloom. Watching something you plant thrive is very satisfying. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Feelings of accomplishment can boost your confidence level and improve your self-esteem.

4. You Reconnect With Nature

Life can get busy and chaotic. Working in your garden slows you down and helps you to see the beauty around you. You can find peace there no matter what is happening outside your garden. Gardening helps keep life in perspective when you feel overwhelmed by all the chaos.

5. You Have Control

Many things in life are not in your control, but gardening is not one of them. You can control which flowers you plant for gardening. You can control how large your garden gets or how small. You can choose the decorative features and so much more. You have a lot of control over your little patch of earth. It can be empowering to garden.

Gardening is a great way to exercise and enjoy the mental health benefits. Roll up your sleeves and go spend some time playing in the dirt. Give yourself an advantage by choosing high-quality flowers for gardening. Get in touch with us at Schwartz Greenhouse today.