Best Perennials for Early Planting in Michigan

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Best Perennials for Early Planting in Michigan

Everyone in Michigan knows how brutal the winters can be. Being so close to two different Great Lakes causes so much snowfall that it’s hard to picture what summer will be like in a couple of months. But as winter comes to an end, the gardeners of Michigan begin to emerge. In this blog, you will learn which perennials are the best to plant early in Michigan.

Garden Phlox

One of the first things you must do as a Michigan gardener is to find the right garden supplies. You can visit our garden center and ask what you will need to start growing perennials. The specific type of perennials you are looking for are the kinds that can grow in a colder climate. Garden Phlox are perfect for this.

Garden Phlox are mildew resistant which means their roots won’t rot if exposed to too much water. This could happen with too much rainfall or if your yard frosts over during the night. Garden Phlox can handle that moisture and still grow, making them a perfect perennial for planting early.


Hostas are easy to care for perennials. They come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match them with the rest of your perennials in your garden this spring. Hostas can also grow almost everywhere, no matter the climate, so they are great even in places that have all four seasons.


Lupines are beautiful perennials and bloom in a beautiful purple flower. They are a great addition to any garden and can even act as a natural fertilizer for your other plants. Another great benefit of lupines is the taproot, which can help your soil retain water.


The Astilbe plant is another great option for Michigan gardeners. Unlike the other perennials on this list, these can grow in shady areas. This is a perfect plant to put under a tree and let grow freely. Because they grow in more shaded areas, it’s important to keep their soil moist to help them grow to be over two feet tall!

With the winter ending, it’s time to start thinking about your garden! About 53% of people who garden say that gardening makes them feel productive so it’s a great hobby to pick up this year. Good luck!