Flowers to Plant in Autumn

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Flowers to Plant in Autumn

For beginner gardeners, fall might seem like an odd time to consider planting new flowers. But fall is actually the key planting time for your garden. When you plant bulbs, perennials, and more before winter comes, your garden will be all set and ready to go once spring arrives.

With the right green thumb, you could add as much as 14% resale value to your home with your landscaping. That said, with summer starting to cool off, here are three types of flowers that are best to plant now before the ground freezes over.


Have you been thinking of adding more perennials to your garden from your local garden center? Fall is the best time to do it. The soil is still warm in the fall months, which gives perennial roots the time they need to grow. Because of the season, the plants won’t focus on producing flowers and will instead focus their energy on growing their roots so when the time comes to bloom in the spring they’ll be nice and strong.

Fall is also one of the best times to replant your perennials or add existing ones to your garden. Like seeds and new plants, existing plants will be able to take root more easily at this time. Just be sure to keep your perennials well-watered until the ground freezes and protect them from frost with a layer of mulch.

Garden mums

No plant is quite as hardy as the garden mum. Garden mums are considered reliable perennial mums and they’re a favorite fall flower because of their vibrant autumn colors. Garden mum blooms last for weeks and you can typically find different colors and bloom shapes to add visual interest throughout your garden.

However, to get the most out of your garden mums, it’s best to plant existing mums in the late summer. This gives mums long enough time to root and bloom throughout the autumn months before the first frost.


Like garden mums, asters are a great choice for adding a little extra color to your garden for the autumn months. Coined as the ‘grand finale’ of gardens, asters bring the wow-factor with their vibrant shades of blue, pink, purple, and white. If you plant existing asters from your local garden center in about six to eight weeks before the ground freezes, your asters will be all set and ready to return next year.

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