Have a Green Christmas with Eco-Friendly Decorations

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Have a Green Christmas with Eco-Friendly Decorations

Christmas fir tree with decoration on a wooden board

When you shop at your local garden center this year for Christmas decorations, think of eco-friendly trees, plants, and decorations for your home or as gifts. Eco-friendly decorations are good for the environment and cut down on waste. Eco-friendly decorations can be real trees, wreaths, plants, LED lights, centerpieces, and ornaments made of sustainable materials. Many garden centers grow holiday plants in the greenhouse and have real plants, flowers, and trees available to purchase.

Purchase A Real Tree

If you do not own an artificial tree, purchase a real Christmas tree this year from your local garden center. Purchase a tree with roots and you can plant it in your yard after the holidays. Then you can send the tree to the local recycling center. Your tree can be recycled for mulch in the garden, mulch for hiking trails, and soil-erosion barriers. Many local recycling centers will pick up your tree after the holidays. A real tree has a fresh pine scent, and it is a fun experience for the whole family to choose from. Use LED lights on the tree and ornaments made of glass, wood, and natural materials.

Wreaths and Garlands

Purchase wreaths made from real pine branches, flowers, wood branches, and natural materials this year. Your local garden center with a greenhouse will design and have many eco-friendly wreaths for your home. An eco-friendly wreath or garland will decompose naturally and can be used in the yard for mulch. Wreaths made of dried flowers, wood, or other plants can be kept all year round and used the following year for the holidays. Wreaths can be made with herbs, flowers, amaranth, pine needles, branches, and other sustainable material. Some wreaths use dried materials that can be used all year long and last many years.

Christmas Plants

When you purchase Christmas plants like poinsettias, Christmas cactus, ferns, and other popular holiday plants, you can keep them as house plants after the holidays. Many are colorful and decorative and will add beauty to your home in the winter. Popular holiday plants to consider giving as a gift for the holidays are amaryllis, rosemary due to its scent, and Christmas cactus. Holiday plants are eco-friendly and can be used in your home after the holidays. About 53% of consumers say gardening makes them more productive (per House Beautiful). Caring for houseplants will brighten up the long winter months.

Stop by your local garden center this Christmas with a greenhouse and think about decorating your home for the holidays with eco-friendly decorations this season.