How Garden Centers are Affected by Supply Chain Issues

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April 26, 2022
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How Garden Centers are Affected by Supply Chain Issues

Everyone has heard the news of how the supply chain is causing problems
throughout the retail world. Consumers are forced to wait longer for
deliveries and are seeing empty shelves wherever they go. Even garden
 centers are experiencing these issues, whether you are buying online garden 
supplies or planting vegetables.

Garden Center Supply Chain

Nearly every business uses a supply chain to distribute its products. This
helps them provide low prices on goods and allows their products to be
delivered. Garden centers are no different. Many vegetable seeds and plants
must be imported from other countries which would need some type of supply
chain cycle to be used. With cargo ships being delayed across the globe,
your tomato plants may be stuck near California in the Pacific Ocean.

So while the supply chain issue continues, it’s important that you remain
patient with all your retailers. It’s very frustrating when you expect a
package to come, but it doesn’t show up for weeks, but just know that most
people are experiencing the same issues as you.

High Demand

Even before the pandemic, garden centers were struggling to keep up with
demand. In 2018, American gardeners spent over $47.8 billion on their lawns
and gardens. Since more people are staying home now, that number has
increased. And with the increase in demand, growers are having a difficult
time keeping up. They already need to wait for the natural plant cycle so
they can harvest the seeds, so the supplies can’t always keep up with the

Climate Change

Climate change affects just about every aspect of the planet. This includes
how plants grow and even how the supply chain works. But, with extreme
weather occurring more often, more plants are struggling to grow properly.
Plants can’t flourish in hurricanes or tornadoes. And, if a whole area
freezes over, those plants may die and never be able to grow. People know
climate change affects how plants grow, but they may not have thought it
would affect garden centers’ supply chains.

These are just some of the reasons why garden centers are struggling to
keep up with demand. It pains many businesses to not have enough supply to
provide to their loyal customers, so please be patient with your retailers
as they are going through a tough stretch in their industries.


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