How to Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

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June 2, 2021
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June 18, 2021

How to Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

Gardening is an important activity for many homeowners. In the United States, nearly eight of every 10 households engage in some type of gardening, either indoors or out. While indoor plants may have the benefit of air conditioning in the summertime, outdoor plants need some special care to make sure they aren’t damaged.

With unprecedented heat waves striking the United States this summer, here is what you need to know about keeping your plants happy and healthy.

1. Water Slowly

When watering, don’t just pour a lot of water into the soil and call it a day. Watering too quickly causes uneven distribution, making it harder for the plant to absorb all that it needs. When watering your plants, pour slowly and allow the water to soak into the soil evenly.

2. Add Mulch

Mulch helps keep plants cool by shielding their bases from the harsh sun. It can also help prevent evaporation and promote moisture. A garden center will have plenty of mulch options to choose from, although the material doesn’t need to be fancy. Just be sure to evenly distribute it, but not too thick. A light, even layer is what you should aim for.

3. Add Shade

While potted plants can be easily moved out of the sun and into a shady place, ground plants can be tricker. However, you can use a shade cloth to help give them extra protection. Even plants that require a lot of sunlight can benefit from this when the weather is exceptionally hot.

4. Don’t Fertilize

While fertilizer can be essential for healthy plants, extreme heat can cause them to be overstressed. While in this state, it won’t be able to make use of the extra nutrients and the addition of them can add further stress which could end up killing it. Wait until the weather cools down before adding any additional fertilizer.

Healthy, Happy Plants

The hot weather can make everyone uncomfortable, humans and plants alike. With temperatures soaring to record-breaking highs this summer, it’s important to take steps to care for your plants so that they can continue thriving. Watch how you water them, and monitor their moisture levels daily. You should also install mulch around flowerbeds, and provide shade if possible. Remember to also steer clear of fertilizer until the heatwave passes.

With all of this in mind, you can help keep your outdoor plants happy and healthy this summer.


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