*Schwartz Greenhouse’s Fall Mum Fundraiser Is Here!*

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June 18, 2020
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July 17, 2020

*Schwartz Greenhouse’s Fall Mum Fundraiser Is Here!*

Flowers are a great way to chase away anxieties during these uncertain
times. In fact, up to 50% of survey respondents explained that gardening
and flowers help them feel calm.

What better way to help your organization bloom than with Schwartz
Greenhouse’s annual Fall Mum Fundraiser?

Our Fall Mum Fundraiser is officially here to keep your organization financially stable
as well as healthy and happy by providing products that are proven to boost
the mental health of purchasers. Our garden center also offers contactless
delivery to ensure the health of your organization.

What is the Fall Mum Fundraiser?

The Fall Mum Fundraiser is a type of flower sale, which allows you to raise
money for a team, school, or other organization. Mums are a popular flower
choice for autumn because of their fiery colors and their extended
longevity. Dubbed tender perennials, mums can tolerate frost so purchasers
can enjoy their blooms even when the temperature drops.

The new pricing for our garden center’s mums began on July 1, and your
organization can begin selling mums at any time now that the pricing has
been announced. Purchasers order the mums from your organization and then
Schwartz Greenhouse will deliver the mums between the dates of September 8
and October 10. We also allow contactless pickup.

When is the best time to lock in your delivery?

It’s recommended to make contacting us about your delivery date your
organization’s first step once you’ve chosen to participate in the Fall Mum

Delivery dates book up fast and it’s best to lock in your delivery date
with our garden center as soon as possible.

Your group can make orders for mums between July 1 and September 21.
September 21 is the cutoff date for your group’s orders, so make sure to
get your orders in ASAP. Our garden center also requires that you place
your order with us at least five days before your delivery date if your
delivery or pickup is set for before September 25.

What are the delivery options?

To qualify for free delivery of your mums, you need to have a minimum order
of 100 mums and your delivery needs to be between the hours of 8 AM and 3
PM Monday-Friday. If your delivery is scheduled outside of those hours or
if you have fewer than 100 mums ordered, you will be charged a $100
delivery fee. Of course, you can always pick up your order for free from
our garden centers and we’ll have your order pulled up for you when you

Which colors are available?

Schwartz Greenhouse offers yellow, orange, red, and purple/pink mums for
your organization to sell. However, we can’t guarantee purple and pink mums
because you may get one color or the other depending on the shade color of
the mum. Our garden center also offers mums in 9-inch or 10-inch baskets.

To learn more about the Fall Mum Fundraiser and how your organization can
participate, or for more information on our mums and delivery dates, contact
Schwartz Greenhouse today.