Schwartz’s Quick Tips on How to Fertilize

Schwartz’s Quick Tips on the Best Way to Water
May 15, 2023

Schwartz’s Quick Tips on How to Fertilize

Image of couple of farmers seedling and watering sprouts in the garden

Fertilization helps keep your flowers and foliage strong and will enhance soil health. However, this process often confuses many homeowners and can result in complications if not approached properly. As a result, you need to understand Schwartz’s best tips for fertilization. Our team of curbside pick-up garden center experts has brainstormed a few simple things you must know.

When to Fertilize

Typically, you fertilize your flowers at the beginning of the growing season and choose times that make the most sense for their growing patterns. You must plan around their needs to ensure they are safe and healthy. For example, according to RootWell, mums require at least three hours of direct sunlight to grow. Try to keep your fertilizing around this time to ensure they grow effectively.

Where to Fertilize

Should you fertilize every plant in your garden? That all depends on a few things, including the flower’s age and the state of the soil. For example, fertilizing is one of the most important things to do for the newest flowers but isn’t as critical for older and well-established ones. Furthermore, you must test your soil to see whether you need an alkaline-rich fertilizer or a more acidic option.

How to Fertilize

Too many first-time flower growers make the mistake of putting fertilizer directly on their plants. This error will result in dead or dying plants because fertilizer is often acidic and can seriously damage their growth. Instead, put the fertilizer directly into the soil around the foliage to help it grow. Doing so will protect your plants and keep your pets or children from getting into the fertilizer.

Who Should Fertilize

You! Fertilizing your plants and flowers is easy when you have high-quality materials and tools from a curbside pick up garden supplies company. If you follow the above tips, rest assured your plants will grow beautifully.

If you need help finding a curbside pick up garden supplies company you can trust, contact us today to learn more! We’re one of the area’s most trusted gardening supplies companies and will work hard to ensure you get the support you deserve. Our team of professionals fully understands this process and will provide the best fertilizer for your yard’s needs.