Schwartz’s Quick Tips on Proven Winner Plants

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Schwartz’s Quick Tips on Proven Winner Plants

Proven Winners is a quality provider of gorgeous, vibrant plants, such as annuals, perennials, and shrubs. If you’re in the market for landscape plants that will enhance your backyard, consider looking at the selection provided by this highly-acclaimed brand. Here are a few reasons why Proven Winner plants are perfect for any homeowner’s backyard!

Healthy Plants Are Happy Plants

Proven Winners is dedicated to providing a selection of plants that have high-quality genetics and are resistant to disease. These qualities mean fewer chemicals, such as insecticides, are needed to maintain them, saving you some money and saving the health of your backyard. This trusted plant brand goes above and beyond for the quality and environmental impact of its products, such as screening every plant variety for specific diseases.

These Plants Are Easy to Care For

The health and superior quality of these plants make them easier to care for. The selection provided by Proven Winners is guaranteed to have better heat and humidity tolerances, meaning they are not ultra-sensitive to being easily damaged by more intense heat. Of course, every plant in the garden requires proper watering routines and environmental conditions, but it helps to have cared for plants that start off growing healthily.

Beautiful Plants Add Value to Your Home

Landscaping is a critical part of having a comfortable home and even a valuable property. Your home’s value can get a boost of up to 14% when you add neat, healthy landscaping, according to Plant Care Today. Figuring out which plants you want is half the fun of adding new landscaping, but you do want to ensure that you find the right plants, both for your yard and for the amount of attention you can realistically give them. The products provided by Proven Winners are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Turn to the selection at Proven Winners for gorgeous flowers to place in your garden. Our local greenhouse is happy to supply you with its many plant types. If you need further tips on populating your yard with healthy plants that will beautify your home, take a look at the options at Schwartz Greenhouse. Give us a call today if you need help choosing landscape plants that are right for you and your garden.