Schwartz’s Quick Tips on Sunpatiens

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April 13, 2023
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Schwartz’s Quick Tips on Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens are beautiful flowers meant for full sun or mostly sunny conditions. They’re wonderful for people who like impatiens but don’t have the amount of shade needed for those flowers to thrive. Even better, these flowers are low maintenance. If you’ve considered getting into gardening to both improve your home and improve your health, Sunpatiens is a great plant to have. You do need to know what to do with them so that you don’t end up frustrated; in one survey, 50% of people answered that gardening was one activity they used to calm down. You want to be in that 50%, so here are some tips for planting Sunpatiens.

Give Them Sun!

That name isn’t a joke. They need sun! They bloom best when exposed to full sun or are planted in mostly sunny conditions. Do not worry about how they’ll do in summer heat; they’ll likely do fine because they’re very hardy. But a mistake people sometimes make is planting them in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, or maybe just a little. That won’t kill them, necessarily, but they won’t look very good. If you’re thinking that “a nursery near me” has these in the shade, well, those are likely seedlings, and you’re probably seeing them only for a short time in one part of the day. Make sure to plant those in the sun.

Drain That Soil and Use Raised Beds

The “nursery near me” has these in tiny planters, so they don’t need much room, right? Not quite. Sunpatiens will expand outward as they bloom, and they need a good foot and a half between plants. While these perennials are often treated as annuals, you don’t want to crowd them in beds like you might with more basic annuals.

Don’t Assume Low Maintenance Means No Maintenance

Sunpatiens are low maintenance. However, they do need water, especially in the weeks after you plant them. You’ll also need to clean them up occasionally as they drop blossoms and leaves as time goes by.

If you’re ready to plant, why not start today to see what’s in stock and get your yard ready for summer? To learn more about these flowers or any other wonderful type, connect with Schwartz Greenhouse today!