The Best Flowers That Are Easy to Grow

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March 12, 2021
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March 25, 2021

The Best Flowers That Are Easy to Grow

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Gardening is one of those exciting activities in which you can indulge in your free time. In fact, about 53% of people say that gardening made them feel more productive. Anyone who loves gardening knows the value of flowering plants. If correctly grown and maintained with dedication, flowering plants can enhance the look of your garden. This is why landscapers use flowers as their main plants when they want to improve the aesthetic value of a landscape.

For instance, perennial flower plants can dazzle in your garden for years. However, when deciding on the type of flowers to plant in your garden, it’s advisable to choose flowers that take less effort to grow. If you have envied your neighbor’s garden plants, then it’s high time you establish your own flower garden. Here are easy-to-grow flowers that will soon change the look of your garden.


Mandevillas are one of the most common garden plants, adding a bright tropical flair to any outdoor space. When you bring your mandevilla home from the garden center, plant it in a spot with sandy, well-draining soil that has plenty of organic soil mixed in. You’ll also need to make sure that it gets bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight. Direct, full sunlight can burn mandevilla vines so they need to have some shade. As mandevillas are vines, you should also give the plant a trellis or another type of support so that it can grow up it.


If you are looking for incredibly easy-to-establish perennial garden plants, then hostas are your answer. Although hosta plants have lush foliage, they are very easy to care for and are essential for anyone who wants a low-maintenance garden. These garden plants come in a variety of green shades and their hue dictates how much sunlight they should get. In general, hostas with lighter foliage or stripes need more sunlight and those with darker shades do best in moderate shade. When in doubt, place your hosta in the shade and keep it in the sun, as very few hosta plants do well in direct sunlight. Once you’ve planted your hosta, you can sit back and admire its calming greenery.


Marigold is a bending flower plant. It is another excellent choice for novice gardeners looking to grow colorful flowers to improve their deck. Marigold has a short waiting time, meaning it will grow quickly to produce its attractive flower. Depending on your sunny spots in the garden, you can choose from small types to tall varieties.


They are easy-to-grow patio plants. Fuchsia is best grown in containers or baskets. You will enjoy the different colors and variety that come with fuchsias. You can quickly trim it to attain your desired look by pinching out the very top of each stem. One last thing about fuchsia is that they are edible!

Gardening is a slow, yet beautiful process that not only improves the look of your home but also brings a fresh aura into your outdoor space. If you’re planning to introduce some flowering plants in your garden space, the list above may come in handy as you start off.


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