Why Mums Are the Perfect Fall Flower to Add a Splash of Color to Your Yard

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Why Mums Are the Perfect Fall Flower to Add a Splash of Color to Your Yard

Few things get us more excited about fall as summer draws closer than spiced lattes, cardigans, and chrysanthemums, sometimes known as mums. Mums are the ideal fall decorating flower due to their hardiness and simplicity in cultivation. They are a favorite for autumn porch decor because they are available in various hues. With some knowledge and straightforward advice, you can create a lush, lovely garden mum display to mark the season’s change.

Why Mums Make the Best Fall Decorating Flowers

They Withstand the Cold

Mums peak in the late summer when other plants start to wither. They are photoperiodic, just like poinsettias, which means they need a certain quantity of light to signal when it’s time to start putting on a show. According to SFGate, mums require at least three hours of direct sunlight. In reaction to a combination of day duration, temperature, and plant age, garden mums, which have short days, begin to produce flower buds. Garden mums typically don’t start to set buds until evenings are close to ten hours long. Blooms appear six to ten weeks later.

They Have Season Varieties

Based mostly on how they react to changes in day length, different kinds of mums will begin to bloom at various periods in the fall. Early-season cultivars should begin to bloom in early to mid-September, followed by mid- to late-September for mid- and late-season kinds and early to early October for late-season varieties.

They Have Multiple Uses

Fall mums are well-liked for their versatility. They can be planted in a garden bed, potted in containers, or cut into bouquets of fresh flowers. Additionally, you can decorate your home inside or out for fall celebrations like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Rich mum plants look lovely as front porch flowers and dinner centerpieces.

They Are Simple to Maintain

Most mums have a mounded shape, are simple to grow in containers, and can reach heights and widths of 12 to 36 inches. They are set for best bloom if purchased in the fall and require little to no maintenance beyond watering.

They Make Great Plant Combinations

Mums complement other shrubs, flowers, or conifers beautifully, providing you with complete creative control to design a lush, overflowing environment. Many fall stars go well with them, but they look particularly good with grasses, flowering kale, and ornamental cabbage.

There are many good reasons to bring in this lovely fall decorating flower. Not only is it a lovely fall blossom, but it also has medicinal properties and is edible. Chrysanthemums, the ideal fall flower, are abundant in vivid fall bouquets that you can display in your house, yard, or front porch. Give us a call today for more information.