Why Fall Mums Are the Best Choice to Keep Your Garden Looking Colorful for Fall

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Why Fall Mums Are the Best Choice to Keep Your Garden Looking Colorful for Fall

Chrysanthemums are your best bet if you are looking for a late-season bloomer. This gorgeous autumn flower is a favorite for many gardeners and comes in a wide variety of colors. Read on to see a few reasons why fall mums are the best plants you can grow to keep your yard looking fresh and enchanting.

There are Annual and Perennial Varieties

Because mums have been bred for hundreds of years resulting in a variety of hybrids, there are different varieties available for different needs and different seasons. Florist mums are generally less hardy and cannot survive a frost well while garden mums are hardy and produce underground runners. These help the mums survive cold weather and so depending on the zone you are in, there are a few options that will survive.

Easy to Care For

Plants like flowering kale, mums and pumpkins can go well together in clay pots and boxes. When you are buying mums to plant, make sure to pick those with more buds and less open flowers as these will be easier to re-pot with less trauma. If there are root balls, break them up gently then make sure to water them well, not letting them wilt. This will keep them bright and colorful.

Offer a Variety of Decorative Options

Mums do well in mass plantings, with the best effect being realized when you stick to two colors. You can also use conifers, sedum, and ornamental grasses to add texture and a beautiful background. If you decide to go for mums and pumpkins for your landscaping, for instance, creamy white, orange, and yellow mums will work best. Whatever the background of your garden is, there are a variety of mums to bring it to life and last through the cold season.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

They are more affordable than most perennials and so they won’t be too expensive even if they don’t last for more than one season. If you want them to truly take root and have a chance of weathering the cold, however, plant them in the spring and be ready to care for them so they have a better shot at overwintering.

Up to 42% of people who do gardening at home said that they felt happy and healthy. If you are looking for a worthwhile activity for this season, consider planting some mums and pumpkins, you might just discover that you have a green thumb!