Why Schwartz’s Spring Gift Card Fundraiser Is a Great Way to Generate Funds for Your Group

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Why Schwartz’s Spring Gift Card Fundraiser Is a Great Way to Generate Funds for Your Group

Is your non-profit organization looking for a way to raise money? At Schwartz’s Greenhouse, our spring gift card fundraiser is the perfect way to fundraise for any cause. Our flexible fundraising program runs from March 1st to May 1st, so now is a great time to start planning your next event. Here are just a few of the reasons to work with our garden center.

Generate Cash with Each Gift Card Sale

Our spring gift card program is simple and effective. Simply fill out our convenient sign-up form and email or fax it to us or deliver it to us in person. Once your organization is involved in the program, you can start taking orders for gift cards. Each gift card will have a face value of $25, but we’ll sell them to you for just $20 so your organization will earn $5 for every gift card sale.

Spread the Joy of Gardening

Our gift card program offers more than just a chance to raise funds for your cause — they also allow you to share the joy of gardening with your supporters. Gardening is an excellent way to bring nature into your life and beautify your community. Our gift cards not only give your supporters the perfect excuse to purchase beautiful plants, but they also give experts at our plant nursery a chance to guide them as they learn to grow flowers, vegetables, and more.

Attach Your Cause to a Healthy Hobby

Gardening is a surefire way to improve a person’s health. According to House Beautiful, 42% of people who grow their own garden at home said they feel healthy and happy. When your supporters use our gift cards to purchase vegetable plants, they are taking part in a wonderful hobby that allows them to grow healthy food for their families and enrich their lives by being comfortably productive in a green space.

Give Your Supporters a Whole Greenhouse of Choices

Gift cards are a great way to get started with gardening. Instead of offering a selection of live plants or seeds, you can offer full access to our entire stock of plants. Whether buyers are looking for plants to beautify their indoor space or are ready to grow the garden they’ve been planning, they can get exactly what they want. Each of your supporters will come away with a unique experience when using their gift cards at our garden center.

If you’re interested in participating in our spring gift card fundraiser, fill out our sign-up form today! Let’s support each other as we uplift our community.