June 14, 2022

Annuals in Perennial Gardens

Gardening is a favorite activity for many homeowners. There are lots of fun things that you can do with your garden to make things more interesting. […]
February 2, 2022

Why Schwartz’s Spring Gift Card Fundraiser Is a Great Way to Generate Funds for Your Group

Is your non-profit organization looking for a way to raise money? At Schwartz’s Greenhouse, our spring gift card fundraiser is the perfect way to fundraise for […]
August 4, 2021

Why Fall Mums Are the Best Choice to Keep Your Garden Looking Colorful for Fall

Chrysanthemums are your best bet if you are looking for a late-season bloomer. This gorgeous autumn flower is a favorite for many gardeners and comes in […]
August 4, 2021

Why Fall Mums Are the Best Products to Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh for Fall