4 Planting Ideas for New Gardeners

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4 Planting Ideas for New Gardeners

Image of couple of farmers seedling and watering sprouts in the garden

According to Science Direct, approximately 53 out of 100 people believe gardening makes them mentally active and productive. Perhaps that is the reason why most people have embraced this art. Yet, as a new gardener, you need the best planting ideas to immerse you in gardening. The following options are worth considering.

1. Remember Your Lawn is a Priority

Ensure that your lawn is in excellent shape, as it determines the curb appeal. Various shapes can help improve its beauty, from triangular and oval to oblong and square. The choice shall depend on the size of the lawn and your personal preferences. How you plant your garden plants will determine the shape. You must also choose garden plants that are easy to maintain. Yet, it would help if you had the right equipment to achieve this goal. Robotic and ride-on lawn mowers are the best choice for this task. You’ll rely on them to keep the lawn neat while ensuring it takes a particular shape.

2. Think About How Sunlight Will Impact Your Preferred Garden Plants?

One of the planting ideas you cannot overlook is your color choices. Ensure that you choose plants that match your geographical locale and the sun’s intensity. Usually, the color choice will vary with the season. For instance, vibrant sunset hues are an excellent choice for summer. Top selections include coral-orange, red, blue-green, and butterscotch, which can inspire your home. On the other hand, intensely tinted tulips are perfect for spring. You could consider pastel, lavender, pink, light blue, and yellow. Color preferences are seasonal. Check which ones blend well with your environment and climate. You can consider plants that can withstand extreme temperatures.

3. Consider Pollinators

You must include pollinators in your garden, including birds and bees. Besides the color and fragrance the plants offer, you must look at how to reproduce the plants and flowers in your garden. For this reason, include flowers in the garden, preferably bright ones.

4. Know Where to Place Your Plants

The best planting ideas are to understand how to incorporate plants into your garden and where to place them. Usually, fragrant plants must be close to your house. Placing scented plants on your sunny patio will ensure the scent in your home is more robust. In addition, you should consider putting these fragrant plants in enclosed spaces.

Your garden should be your priority since it determines your home’s attractiveness. You understand what to focus on in your garden with the insights above. Yet, you must personalize them. Reach out to us today for more information on garden maintenance and planting ideas.