5 Perennials to Consider Planting This Year

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May 5, 2021
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May 26, 2021

5 Perennials to Consider Planting This Year

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Here’s a gardening fact you may not know: about 42% of people who garden at home said that this hobby makes them feel healthier and happier. And if you’re interested in this process and its many benefits, here are five perennials that will grow great in your yard.

1. Impatiens

These plants are also known as ‘Busy Lizzie’ and can grow as tall as 30 inches or so in height. They need hummus-rich soil that is moist and well-drained to prevent serious complications. Try to plant them at least 8-12 inches apart to get the best looks, particularly in shadier areas. Expect perennials to grow white and pink during the summer and fall seasons.

2. Geranium

If you want bright pink and beautiful perennial flowers, geraniums are your best bet. They require a good mix of moist soil, well-drained dirt, decent sun exposure, and can grow just about anywhere. Some people may buy what they think are geranium plants or labeled that way by some growers. Only perennial geraniums are the real deal for this plant.

3. Calibrachoa

Those who want perennials that bloom a lot of flowers may love this plant. Also known as Million Bells, this plant can produce multi-color flowers that suit various growing areas. Expect them to grow anywhere from 1-2 feet in width and have many small flowers. Try to hang them high to get a good level of sun and always provide a steady water flow.

4. New Guinea Impatiens

This flower variation can grow up to 18 inches in height and nine inches wide, producing a reasonably broad but compact flower. It typically needs moist and well-drained soil to do well. The soil should be acidic if you want to see orange, pink, red, purple, and white blooms throughout the year. This option does best in full sun, though it can also thrive in partial sun in some situations.

5. Petunias

Lastly, these popular flowers thrive well in various temperature zones, typically doing best in 9 to 11. They will bloom throughout spring and summer until you get frost, making them an excellent option for many. Perennials of this species should grow to up to 18 inches and may cover up to four feet of ground. Expect multiple flowers throughout these plants, and make sure to keep them well-watered and in the sun.

Finding a Flower You Love

As you can see, finding the best perennials isn’t challenging if you consider these options. Thankfully, there are many more choices you can make if these don’t meet your needs. So don’t hesitate to find the kind of incredible plant you want.


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