Fall Flowers and Why It’s the Best Time to Plant Perennials

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Fall Flowers and Why It’s the Best Time to Plant Perennials

Fall brings about a variety of changes such as beautiful new colors in the trees, crisp air, and ideal conditions for planting flowers, especially perennials. Spring is often considered the ideal time to begin planting flowers, but fall has unique advantages. Let’s look at why the upcoming season may be the right time for you to lay down some perennials you just purchased from local garden centers.

Expanded Root Growth

According to The Living Urn, root growth is prompted by the temperature cooling, while the soil remains warm. This allows plants to focus their energy on root development, rather than producing new flowers. This strong foundation of roots is especially beneficial for perennials, which will already have a robust root system when spring arrives. Strong roots will allow the perennials to grow big and healthy blooms. It also means stronger drought resistance due to the extra six to eight months of root growth.

Natural Watering

On its own, autumn brings increased rainfall when compared to other seasons. Natural watering and cooling means less time needed to water your plants. Autumn also reduces the risk of water evaporation, allowing your plants to get the maximum benefit from each rainfall or watering.

Fewer Pests

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, perennials are capable of surviving two or more years. This starts with keeping them safe from pests. Your perennial flowers will be thankful to deal with fewer pests thanks to the cooler temperatures that fall brings. These leaf-chewing insects are much less active in the cooler months. Planting in the fall allows your perennials to focus on growing, not fighting off insects.

Less Stress

Planting your plants from garden centers in the fall is less stressful for you and the plants. The best time to plant to reduce transplant shock — various stressors that occur when a plant is moved from one plane to another — is in the fall. It also means less time you spend helping it recover and as mentioned earlier, less time watering in the heat of summer.

These are just a few benefits of planting flowers, especially perennials, in the fall. Be sure to visit our garden center when we reopen this fall for all the plants and garden supplies you need. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to assist you in finding the best flowers for your garden.