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Our store is open, with the complete selection for your gardening pleasure! Social distancing is also practiced, and we ask that all patrons wear a mask for the safety of all.

Peppers, Habanero


There is arguably no more important plant in the world than vegetables. The fulfillment of eating your own produce is something that only those that have done it can describe. In fact, having your own vegetable garden at home may even improve your family’s health because you will be more apt to cook all the veggies you produce in your backyard in a variety of dishes. Another benefit that many families don’t consider is how safe the food they grow is. When you grow your own veggies, you control what chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers come in contact with your food. To get started, we suggest you start small and work your way to growing a myriad of veggies. This way, you can learn what schedule and routine works for your family! We also recommend picking a spot that has access to water and that will get at least six hours of good daytime light. Come check out what we have to offer you here at Schwartz’s Greenhouse today! We carry one of the most robust lines of vegetable plants near me in the Romulus area!!

Tips for Vegetables

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